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Dermatillomania Documentary! (and I need your help)

After working on my dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) documentary for over a year and a half, the trailer is out! Please share this in other online communities you are involved in, and to anyone. I want this video to go viral for the people who need to see it. Thank you!

My facebook page is:
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been gone

not posted here in a very long time. things are bad just now..thats the thing with being a manic depressive. my eating disorder lead to the break up of me and my insane thoughts on my body, my insecurites, my constant mood swings..i don't blame him.

i've come close to self harm a few times in the past few weeks but ive never felt as strong an urge as tonight. i don;t know what to do anymore.

im empty.

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hey guys im new here. Im Janelle, but you can call me Jam. Im 15 years old. I have Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia, Extremely high anxiety and trichotillomania. i've tried to commit suicide a couple of times and been to a psychiatric hospital. anyway, i've been doing good since i got out of that dreaded hospital. i've been doing good for a month, i haven't felt depressed whatsoever. but now i feel like i can't tell my psychiatrist that im depressed or she'll put me in the psychiatric hospital again. help? :[

Women and Phobias

Hey guys. My name is RJ and I'm working on a new cable television show for a major cable network. We're looking for women with phobias that we can attempt to cure. Unlike other pervious attempts at shows of this topic, we're interesting in following the entire journey and actually helping, as opposed to exploiting it. I've attached the casting notice. If you or someone you know is interested, please send me an email. We're not casting the show for long so make sure to do it ASAP. This is for women in the United States between the ages of 18 and 40. Thanks and good luck.



Do you have a phobia that's holding you back from enjoying life? Are you looking for help? A major cable network is casting a show that will try and help women overcome their phobias. We're looking for women who have phobias that constrict their day-to-day life and want to take the next step in overcoming their fears. The show will put female phobic’s into a therapeutic environment to help them face their fears head on. Under the guidance of counselors and through the use of therapy the goal of the show is to help these women get their lives back on track. If you’re a woman who’s ready to eliminate your fear once and for all, this is the show for you!

Please email us with your name, age, contact information, picture, and phobia. Be sure to also include in your e-mail a brief description of how your phobia has prevented you from living life to its fullest and why you're ready to conquer it and finally move on.

Send your e-mails to:

Too scared to get dressed/leave the house

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Current problem:

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go get my schedule (I'm in college) and books for my spring classes, my mom is going with me, but honestly I don't know if I can...

I've been on break for almost a month now, and I've only left the house 4 times.. two for family gatherings, once at a restaurant, and another time to shopping. The family gatherings were nerve wracking for me, the restaurant was tolerable because our table was in a far corner and there weren't many people around... and the shopping trip was terrible. I felt like everyone kept staring at me and I couldn't make eye contact with anyone. Anytime someone looked at me my mind started racing, and I got extremely nauseated and almost threw up in the car.

I'm even more scared to go to school tomorrow, there's going to be so many people there and they're all going to be staring at me... and I'm fucking terrified to actually go to class because I'm going to be around NEW people who I don't know...

so today I finally broke down after my mom went to work, I started having a panic attack. I was screaming and crying for about 20 minutes non stop, and it was extremely hard for me to breathe... I'm calm right now but I'm sure i'll have another panic attack tonight and maybe tomorrow morning if my mom tries to get me to leave the house...

I broke down about a week ago and told my mom I wish I would die... because honestly my life feels so hopeless right now. I feel like I have no reason to be happy. i have no fucking friends, I have no social life... and I'm serious. I don't care about material possessions at all, I'm glad I have a roof over my head, but I am just so lonely and scared... I want to make friends but I feel too fat and ugly to talk to anyone, I feel like everyone would just judge me.

I'm honestly a mess... I don't feel like I'm ready to go back to school yet, I don't at all... I really wish I could get myself together... but if I don't go I'll lose my scholarship and I don't have a job to pay for my classes.

My schooling is my number one priority but I'm just too upset to face everything, I"m in desperate need of help and advice...

I can't tell my mom I'm so depressed (in fact I would probably kill myself but I'm scared of everyone being mad at me). I can't tell my mom I'm too scared to go to school because I'm scared she's going to yell at me and make me even more upset... she doesn't understand.

I can't even get dressed, I'm too fucking terrified to put my pants on, and I'm serious...

so if anyone is willing to help... please post here and/or PM me...

pale man

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Hello! Im a senior in highschool and in a workshop on mental disorders. We're doing research papers and need to include an interview. I'm doing Agoraphobia, and was looking for someone to interview about life with it.

If anyone is interested, reply here or to my e-mail justakidder4life at yahoo dot com.

Thank you so much.


my friend linked me to this site...
he's worried about me.
introduction? I'm a 17 year old girl who:
- is a bulimic/anorexic
- constantly depressed - I've been depressed since 13
I'm full of emotions just ready to break me down - i wont open up.
i felt suicidal a few weeks ago, almost done it but didn't - I'm still a bit though. i hate solid food  - the only thing keeping me alive are smoothies, water and juices. my binge/purge episodes have stopped for 1 day. i constantly keep writing on my arms to tell myself to not eat. i need to be skinny , its all i think about.
i feel bad, so disgusting and unworthy. life is a cruel joke.
what's there to live for? I'm tired of living like this. my parents hate me - they never support/help/show sympathy to me, my friends think I need to grow up, I'm constantly in pain.
i hate living.